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Maeraki M/Y
Maeraki is a dream come true. It is the ultimate speed boat, custom-designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of Maera. Combining simplicity with luxury, this 12-meter speed boat cruises at 35 knots, can accommodate up to 10 guests and comes with a crew of 2.
Maeraki's interior spaces provide a unique and luxurious experience, surrounded by the Mykonean seas. The speed boat comes with an outstanding cabin, allowing for rest on board and the Maeraki team, which is here to deliver a one-of-a-kind travel experience. The name for the M/Y comes from the Greek term 'Meraki', meaning to do something with soul, creativity and love.
Reserve Maeraki
Maeraki speed boat motor yacht's sound system and luxury flooring
Maeraki speed boat motor yacht's leather seats
Maeraki speed boat motor yacht's sound system, luxury flooring and leather seats
Maeraki speed boat motor yacht's lounge and laying area on the Aegean Sea
View of the full moon after the Mykonian sunset from Villa Maera Maximus
Maeraki speed boat motor yacht anchored near a secluded beach in Greece

Sleek, modern design for the ultimate speed boat experience.

Maeraki's sleek and modern design doesn't compare to what one might imagine a speed boat to look like and most importantly, it doesn't show all of the extra equipment added to the vessel in order to make your journeys as safe, comfortable and luxurious as possible. With a state-of-the-art audio system, a fresh-water shower, towels and custom catering you can enjoy a day in the bay of a secluded beach, or even travel to one of the island's incredible water side clubs or restaurants.

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